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The most recognized cleaning innovation

Sweepa is a family business established in 1975. Our main focus is the design and development of innovative home ware products made from all natural all organic natural rubber.

Today we offer our customers the following in house services and products:

  • Research and development 
  • Custom sample making on CAD and 3D printer
  • Tooling and mould making 
  • House as well as private label brands and packaging formats
  • Marketing and distribution assistance
  • Manufacturing in South East Asia, China, South Africa and Europe

We are the only company in the world that manufactures our products from natural rubber, our other divisions include production of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPR), Nylon and Polypropylene (PP).

An Injection moulding process with either mono or co mouldings are employed.

Our customer base includes famous retailers worldwide including Wal Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Aldi.

By 2013 we employ over 150 people directly facilitating production and distribution.

In Sri Lanka we create sustainable employment to small crop farmers. Harvesting of natural rubber directly aids the environment by offsetting carbon footprint, according to the Kyoto Protocol.

Over 100 awards have been bestowed on us including receiving the State Presidents Export Award from Nelson Mandela in 1994 in South Africa.

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Meet the Team

Marius van Niekerk
Sales Partner

Since 1993 Marius has actively developed long term relationships with customers for Sweepa products. International trade fairs in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Milan has established Sweepa as the leader in Rubber moulded brushes and brooms. In the world market. Marius is responsible for sales in 22 countries on 5 continents. Product sales are categorized for personal care, health care, pet grooming, textile cleaning, floor care, gardening and outdoors.

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Madeleine van Niekerk
Product Partner

Under the directive of Madeleine over the past 20 years, Sweepa today stocks no less than 120 different product references. The main emphasis is the development of private label articles for customers all over the world. Madeleine heads research and development and has professional designers to rely on to develop from concept to prototype generation and final product. Over the past 5 years alone 16 completely new products have been designed.

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